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In ancient Egyptian, Shen means encircle and in hieroglyphics a Shen ring represented eternal protection. In Mandarin, it's meanings include awareness and consciousness for Mary-Ellen it means all these things and so much more. 

After over a decade of accomplished fashion designing for other brands in N.Z and London,

Mary-Ellen emerged from life-threatening breast cancer at just 30 years of age, freshly determined to chart her own course.

"Without such a life changing experience I may not have had the drive to start my own label."

"I would like Shen to embody the personal value I bring to my design. I am passionate about the fashion industry having started at the age of 18." Mary-Ellen continues to support our local CMT's and fabric suppliers.

Drawing inspiration from her travels in Asia, Europe and the USA. The well traveled designer names Japan and Hong Kong as two of her favourite destinations. I love relaxed silhouettes, cuts and use of drapery that takes cue from Japanese fashion masters. She designs for women of strength and sophisticated femininity. SHEN creates signature pieces that don’t care for seasons and become keepers for life.

SHEN embraces the fierce independence in all of us, creating a realm of quality and confidence for the modern on-trend woman.

SHEN is now in its eighth year. Making garments that cater to all women’s shapes and sizes,

Mary-Ellen’s greatest pleasure is making women feel empowered in their clothing.

SHEN. She wears it, she owns it.